Elinore Morris

I was born and brought up in Zimbabwe, studied double bass at Stellenbosch Conservatory in South Africa and then instrument making at Musikkinstrumentakademiet in Norway. I qualified as a violin maker in Markneukirchen, Germany 2003 and set up a repair workshop for stringed instruments in Sweden.

In the beginning it was mostly violin repair but I've had the privilege of working with some of the great players and very fine instruments here in Gothenburg and have gravitated more and more towards bass work, which is really my first love. A golden opportunity that helped to push me in this direction was when the renowned double bass specialist Thomas Martin came to work with the bass section in the Gothenburg orchestra. He also spent a couple weeks with me in the workshop and together we worked on all the most important aspects of double bass set up.
Adress: Nääs Slöjdseminariet, Otto Salomansväg 16, 448 92 Floda, Sweden
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